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Nissa Ren Cannon, 09/24/2021

Learn about the day-to-day activities of the Lost Generation in Paris through the digitized pages of the Paris Tribune

Patricia Hobson Pottle and Russ Pottle, 07/15/2021

Dangerous temptation awaits.  Patricia Hobson Pottle and Russ Pottle tell us how to get a copy of Hemingway's boat, Pilar, for our very own!

Sharon Hamilton, 05/24/2021

Sharon Hamilton explains how you can follow the 1921 baseball season courtesy of the Society for American Baseball Research.

Wayne Catan, 04/28/2021

Wayne Catan remembers Loyd Little, First-Ever PEN/Hemingway Award Winner (1976).


Editor, Suzanne del Gizzo, interviews recent Ph.D. graduate, Juliet Conway, on her contribution to the Spring 2021 issue of The Hemingway Review on Brett Ashley.

Georgia MacZura, Undergraduate Research Assistant, The Hemingway Letters Project, 01/05/2021

Georgia MacZura, Undergraduate Research Assistant, The Hemingway Letters Project, writes about researching and correcting quotations that are often misattributed to Ernest Hemingway, including her work for the Hemingway Society website.

Suzanne del Gizzo, 11/19/2020

In this inaugural episode of the "Teaser" Interviews for The Hemingway Review, editor Suzanne del Gizzo interviews members of the Hemingway Letters Project--General Editor, Sandra Spanier; Co-Editor on Volumes 4 and 5 Miriam Mandel; and Research Assistant, Katie Warczak--about their contributions to the Fall 2020 issue of the Review​.

Alex Vernon, M.E. and Ima Graves Peace Distinguished Professor of English, Hendrix College, 11/01/2020

Alex Vernon revisits Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls as we approach the 2020 election.

David Anderson, 07/23/2020

David Anderson writes about a book kept in the Hemingway's Windemere cottage.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 05/27/2020

Wayne Catan is back.  He interviews Justin Cronin, 2002 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Mary and O'Neill.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 03/25/2020

Wayne Catan interviews Jhumpa Lahiri, 2OOO PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Interpreter of Maladies.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 02/01/2020

Wayne Brophy interviews Joshua Ferris, 2008 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Then We Came to the End.

Kirk Curnutt, 01/12/2020

Kirk Curnutt interviews Brewster Chamerlin on his update to The Hemingway Log.

David L. Anderson, 01/08/2020

David L. Anderson explores Hemingway's interest in automobiles and automobile racing by reading books on these topics in the author's library.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 01/03/2020

Wayne Catan is back with his PEN/Hemingway interviews.  In our latest installment, he interviews Ben Fountain, the 2007 PEN/Hemingway Winner for Brief Encounters with Che Guevara.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 07/29/2019

Wayne Catan interviews Tommy Orange, the 2019 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for There There.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 06/04/2019

Wayne Catan interviews Mark Richard, 1990 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for The Ice at the Bottom of the World.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 04/18/2019

Wayne Catan interviews Chang-Rae Lee, 1996 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Native Speaker.

David L. Anderson, 03/15/2019

David L. Anderson reviews A.E. and Tim Hotchner's adaptation of The Old Man and the Sea​.

Wayne Catan, Brophy College Preparatory, 03/04/2019

Wayne Catan interviews Bobbie Ann Mason, the 1983 PEN/Hemingway Award Winner for Shiloh and Other Stories.