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A photograph of the stained glass window
John Hargrove and Sharon Hamilton, 05/31/2024

John Hargrove and Sharon Hamilton travel to Michigan and visit a stained glass window dedicated to Ernest Hemingway by his sister Sunny

Letters of Ernest Hemingway, Volume 6
Verna Kale, 05/14/2024

Verna Kale, associate editor of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway, previews Volume 6.

Photograph showing how to lift a baby, from The Canadian Mother's Book
Sharon Hamilton, 05/08/2024

What parenting advice did Hadley and Ernest receive as new parents in 1923?

Cover photograph of The Canadian Mother's Book
Sharon Hamilton, 04/26/2024

Learn why the Canadian government's parenting advice became a source of amusement in the Hemingway household

Photograph of The Sun Also Rises
Florence McCambridge, 03/28/2024

A negative review of The Sun Also Rises on Goodreads prompts Florence McCambridge to reread Hemingway's oeuvre

Kees Luijben, 03/15/2024

How did Hemingway draw influence from and collaborate with the Dutch?

Photograph of Puenta de la Cantina
Alex Vernon, 02/21/2024

A digital archive of historical photographs and images helps recreate for readers  the world of For Whom the Bell Tolls

John Hargrove, 01/25/2024

Has what could very well be Hemingway's first contribution to a professionally published newspaper—and it's not the Kansas City Star—gone unnoticed all this time?

Cover art for the rap song "A Suitable Beast"
chris time steele, 12/21/2023

A rapper and songwriter confronts Hemingway's deadly disconnection, a disconnection caused by the patriarchy's Faustian bargain of domination for masking feelings, veiling emotions, and burying love



If you missed our virtual Holidays with Hemingway party this year, take a moment to read through the three vignettes that won first, second, and third place in our writing contest! 

Eileen Martin and Greer Rising, 12/02/2023

Who is Michel Ney, and why would Hemingway like to have dinner with him?

Bumby and Ernest in Paris, 1924
Sharon Hamilton, 11/10/2023

Learn why Hemingway wasn't there when his first child was born in Toronto

Photograph of Toronto in the 1920s
Sharon Hamilton, 10/30/2023

Ernest and Hadley travel from France to Canada for the birth of their son

Brandon M. Stickney, 10/20/2023

Hemingway's writings inspire a pilgrimage to his Key West home

Drawing of Ernest Hemingway by Patrick Stickney
Brandon M. Stickney, 10/10/2023

Hemingway's life and work inspire a literary intern working for a controversial Beatles biographer

Sharon Hamilton, 09/29/2023

Baseball aficionado and Hemingway Society Board member Sharon Hamilton shares the story of the last baseball game Hemingway saw before shipping off with the Red Cross in 1918

Leo Augustine Donaghy, 09/16/2023

The Old Man and the Sea inspired artist Leo Augustine Donaghy to create a series of three paintings

Carl Eby, 09/03/2023

Images of the people, places, and objects in Hemingway's The Garden of Eden help readers understand the novel's meaning

Carl Eby, 08/21/2023

Society president Carl Eby introduces a digital visual companion for Hemingway's posthumously published novel

Sharon Hamilton and John Hargrove, 08/05/2023

An AI-generated "Ernest Hemingway" reports on the 2023 Fiesta of San Fermin in Pamplona