Society Committee List

Hemingway Society Committees List-updated 08/30/2018

Election Committee
Larry Grimes, Chair
Debra Moddelmog

Founders’ Grant Committee
Verna Kale, Chair
Susan Beegel
Carl Eby
Miriam Mandel
Amy Vondrak

JFK Hemingway Grant Liaison Committee*
Alex Vernon, Chair and Library Liaison
Kirk Curnutt
Suzanne del Gizzo
Carl Eby
Miriam Mandel
Hilary Justice (JFK Hemingway Specialist)
*The Ernest Hemingway Research Grant is provided by the JFK Library Foundation

Hinkle Grant Committee
Matt Nickel, Chair
Kirk Curnutt
Alex Vernon

Frank Blake Scholarship Award Committee
Gail Sinclair, Chair
Kirk Curnutt
John Beale

Media Committee
Suzanne del Gizzo, Chair
Kirk Curnutt (Newsletter, Editor)
Verna Kale (Fb Liaison)
Matt Nickel (Conference area)
Cecil Ponder (Webmaster and Assistant Treasurer)
Gail Sinclair (VP and Hemingway Society Treasurer)
Alex Vernon (Conference area consultant)
Michael Von Cannon (News Coordinator)

American Literature Association Liaison
Jace Gatzemeyer