Hemingway Review Blog Guidelines

Vision for the blog:  A more casual, less serious scholarly space for playful pieces and personal reflections

Acceptable formats (as long as there is no copyright infringement): 

  1. pieces of writing in Word, Rich Text Format, or PDF formats
  2. videos
  3. audio recordings
  4. slide presentations (PowerPoint or links to web-based formats such as Prezi or Zoho)
  5. photographs

Suggested length of written blog pieces:

250 to 500 words (roughly one to two typed, double-spaced pages)

Longer posts (600 to 1,200 words) may be split into two separate posts

Acceptable topics: 

  1. brief scholarly or semi-scholarly pieces too short or too informal for the Review
  2. pedagogical reflections
  3. discussions of popular culture
  4. what was omitted from a scholarly presentation/article/book
  5. reflections on one’s own earlier (pre-2000) publications

Note that all topics must be related to Hemingway and/or his work

Unacceptable content: 

  1. promotion of any book or other item available for sale (although mentioning one’s book in a very brief author’s note—Lisa Tyler is the author of Book Title—would be acceptable)
  2. promotion of any event not organized by the Hemingway Society (unless first approved by the Society’s Media Committee, using the guidelines already established)
  3. creative writing (no poetry or short fiction)
  4. excerpts from unpublished Hemingway letters (because the Society does not have the electronic copyright to publish these)

Editorial process:

  1. all submissions will be reviewed by the blog editor and then members of the blog’s Advisory Board

Contributors:  Society membership preferred but not required