The Hemingway Review

The Hemingway Review, edited by Dr. Suzanne del Gizzo, is a scholarly journal published twice a year by the Hemingway Society and the University of Idaho. The journal specializes in researched scholarship on the work and life of Ernest Hemingway.

Members who are current with their dues on April 15th and October 15th of each year receive printed copies of the journal in mid-May and mid-November, respectively. Current members who are logged on may click full online access now to view back issues since 2000. Or, when logged on, select "The Hemingway Review" from the Members Menu on the right hand side of most pages. Others may view abstracts only.


The best way to subscribe to The Hemingway Review is to become a member of the Hemingway Society and receive many other benefits in addition to the journal. Current members receive printed copies of the journal in mid-November and mid-May each year (however, we finalize mailing lists on October 15 and April 15 to ensure each member receives two copies of The Review for his/her membership year.  If your membership isn't current by the date we finalize the mailing list, you will miss an issue, although you will receive two issues for your membership year.  To order a missed issue see "Back Issues of The Hemingway Review" below ).  Members also have full online access to back issues since 2000. Non-members can only access abstracts. Full online access is available by joining the society.  

CONTRIBUTING TO The Hemingway Review

If you intend to submit work to the journal, please see detailed information available at Submission Guidelines.

SOME FACTS ABOUT The Hemingway Review

  • The Hemingway Review welcomes all critical approaches, traditional, contemporary, and cutting edge. Submissions are reviewed by scholars specializing in the method used and/or subject treated.
  • The journal does not ordinarily publish fiction, poetry, or other writing that is not researched scholarship. Prospective contributors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with past issues.
  • All work considered for publication is subjected to rigorous blind peer review by at least two outside readers in addition to the editor, making work published in The Hemingway Review valuable for tenure and promotion dossiers.
  • Distinguished Hemingway scholars advise on editorial practices.
  • In addition to feature-length articles, The Review includes notes, book reviews, grant and fellowship information, news from Hemingway-related collections and archives, and a current bibliography.
  • The Hemingway Review enjoys virtually limitless circulation to college, university, and public libraries via on-line subscription databases including Project Muse, Proquest, Ebsco, and Gale Infotrac.
  • The Hemingway Review circulates in paper to hundreds of individual Hemingway scholars and college and university libraries around the world.   We out-circulate not only other single-author journals, but also many journals with a broader scope.
  • The Hemingway Review places scholarship directly into the hands of those readers most likely to apply it in teaching and research.

BACK ISSUES OF The Hemingway Review

All back issues of The Hemingway Review that are still in print are available from the University of Idaho Marketplace. To obtain no-cost or low-cost copies of articles published before 2000, contact your college, university, or public library’s reference librarian. If the journal is not in your library’s holdings, the librarian can help you find articles on subscription databases or through interlibrary loan.


The Hemingway Review --in its current form--was founded by Charles M. "Tod" Oliver in 1981 to serve as the publication for the newly founded Hemingway Society (1980).  However, the Review began initially as Oliver's attempt to revive Hemingway notes which was published by Ken Rosen at Dickinson College and Taylor Alderman at Youngstown State University from 1971 to 1974.  Oliver published his verison of Hemingway notes from 1979 until the first issue of The Hemingway Review in 1981.