Latest News and Announcements

Hemingway WWII Story Now Published

Completed in 1956 and set in the Ritz hotel in Paris after Allied forces have liberated the city, Hemingway’s WWII story “A Room on the Garden Side” was published in The Strand Magazine.  Kirk Curnutt provides an afterword, describing how “the story implicitly wonders whether the heritage of Parisian culture can recover from the dark taint of fascism.”

Walloon Lake Event

From April 27th through April 29th, 2018, Hotel Walloon will present “The Last Good Country: Walloon Lake, an Ernest Hemingway Occasion.”  This third annual event will include guided tours of Hortons Bay and Petoskey, a talk by Valerie Hemingway, and a “Nick Adams Feast.” For further information, including reservation booking, contact Hotel Walloon.

Hemingway on Piggott Mural

Fundraising efforts are underway in Piggott, Arkansas, to revitalize a current mural by adding panels that will capture the city’s rich literary and cultural history.  New sections of the mural will highlight Hemingway’s connection to the city.  The project has secured financial support from the Hemingway-Pfeiffer Museum and the Matilda and Karl Pfeiffer Museum.

Sandra Spanier Awarded Prestigious Faculty Scholar Medal

As General Editor of the Hemingway Letters Project, Sandra Spanier has received the 2018 Faculty Scholar Medal for Outstanding Achievement at Penn State University. According to one nominator, “Of all the projects now in progress that concern American literature of the 20th century, none is so significant—nor so detailed and complicated—as the Hemingway letters.”  For further details about this award and other evaluators’ comments, see the university’s news page.