Representative Jim McGovern on the Finca Vigía Foundation

One True Podcast understands that we all can’t get together at El Floridita and while away the afternoon telling stories and talking about Hemingway.  However, we can serve up our first batch of Papa Dobles for our listeners, a doubleheader of episodes dealing with Hemingway, Cuba, and the valuable work of the Finca Vigía Foundation.

Earlier we met up with Bob Vila to talk about his preservation work (see that show in our line-up), whereas today we are joined by Massachusetts Representative Jim McGovern, the most Hemingway-relevant member of the United States Congress.  He discusses US-Cuba relations, the Finca Vigía Foundation, Castro, and the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.  

This episode was recorded on 7/23/2020.

Opening clip: Rep. McGovern's floor speech, from 29 April 2016, honoring the Finca Vigía Foundation and U.S.-Cuba collaboration (CSPAN).