Hemingway T-Shirt Collection

My T-Shirt Collection (A video from Peter Hays)
I've been collecting tee-shirts for 30 years at Hemingway (and other author conferences) and never wearing them. My wife, Myrna, is a quilter, so the obvious solution was to put them into a quilt. We did not want a big quilt because we have no space for hanging it, the walls already covered with my wife's other quilts and paintings I've collected. Also, a  problem, for my artist wife, was that they were of different colors and didn't combine well. By limiting the selection to one color scheme and to a wall hanging size, a partial solution was achieved; but more tee-shirts remain for future debate. Neither of us being technically savvy, we had our son and grandson help us make the video. Extra credit for those of you who can identify the framed print in the background. 
Peter Hays, January 13, 2017

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