Hemingway and War

Modern Language Association Convention
New York City
January 4-7, 2018

Hemingway’s life and work were profoundly informed by war. As a young man, he was wounded in World War I, and he experienced the Spanish Civil War and World War II as a war correspondent. In some ways, one might even claim that war is Hemingway’s main subject. As the world memorializes the centenary of World War I, now is an appropriate time to look closely at the effects of war on Hemingway. Paper topics for this session may include but are not limited to: war as portrayed through Hemingway’s fiction and/or nonfiction; the effects of war on Hemingway’s characters; war trauma in Hemingway; Hemingway’s actions in war; war-wounds; other war writers and Hemingway; influences on Hemingway’s war perspectives; Hemingway’s war correspondence.

N.B.: MLA 2018 precedes the 18th International Ernest Hemingway Conference in Paris, July 22-28, 2018, and occurs during a year of remembrance for the Centenary of the end of World War I.

Please submit your 250-word abstracts and CV by March 5, 2017 to Matthew Nickel at mattcnickel@gmail.com.