Mark Cirino

University of Evansville

Mark Cirino received his PhD at the Graduate Center-CUNY. He is the co-editor of Ernest Hemingway and the Geography of Memory (Kent State UP 2010) and is the author of Ernest Hemingway: Thought in Action (U of Wisconsin Press 2012). He serves as the General Editor for Kent State University Press's 'Reading Hemingway' series, for which he is writing the volume on Across the River and into the Trees. He taught creative writing and American literature at New York University for eight years, and he is the author of two novels, Name the Baby (Anchor 1998) and Arizona Blues (Rogner & Bernhard 2000). His fiction has been published in Drunken Boat, and his scholarly work has been published in The Hemingway Review, The Mailer Review, Papers on Language and Literature, Voices in Italian Americana, and PMLA.