The Hemingway Review Vol.6 No.2 Spring 1987

The Hemingway Review Vol.6 No.2 Spring 1987

Table of Contents

• Impressions of Ernest Hemingway by Paul Smith

• The Fifth Column: A Political Morality Play by Raymond Conlon

• Literary Impressionism and In Our Time by James Nagel

• Dissemblings and Disclosure in Hemingway's "An Alpine Idyll" by Ann Putnam

• Hemingway's Search for Story Titles by Kenneth G. Johnston

• Hemingway's Bullfighter Poems by Donald Junkins

• "Only kind thing is silence": Ernest Hemingway vs. Sinclair Lewis by Robert L. McLaughlin

• Scribner, Scribners, Scribner's Revisited by Robert W. Lewis

• For the Collector by William White

• Kosinski on Hemingway’s Machismo by Neal B Houston

• Hemingway: A Current Bibliography by William White

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