The Hemingway Review Vol.42 No.1 Fall 2022

Table of Contents

  • Terry Tempest Williams, “2022 PEN/Hemingway Keynote Address”


  • Lance La Rocque and Lisa Narbeshuber, “Addressing Modernity from the Woods: Utopian Counter-Discourses in ‘Big Two-Hearted River’”
  • Ricardo Marín Ruiz, “The Influence of Cubism in Hemingway’s Conception of Bullfighting in ‘The Capital of the World’”
  • Michael D. DuBose, “True at First Light and Under Kilimanjaro:  The African Book in Two Parts”
  • Hideo Yanagisawa, “No Explanations:  Hemingway’s Roadmaps in Cuba: ‘The Strange Country’ as a Postwar Road Narrative”


Special Section:  Hemingway as a Caribbean Writer

  • Jeffrey Herlihy-Mera, Hemingway, “A Cuban Exile”
  • Enrique Cirules, “Ernest Hemingway and the Faded Fame of Antonio Gattorno”


  • Peter L. Hays “Nuns Help Hemingway with Tale and Piece of Tail”



  • A Norton Critical Edition: Ernest Hemingway’s In Our Time. Edited by J. Gerald Kennedy. Reviewed by Linda Patterson Miller. 
  • Reading Hemingway’s Winner Take Nothing: Glossary and Commentary. Edited by Mark Cirino and Susan Vandagriff. Reviewed by Lisa Tyler.
  • The Preface:  American Authorship in the Twentieth Century. By Ross K. Tangedal. Reviewed by Ellen Andrews Knodt.
  •  Mosaic Fictions:  Writing Identity in the Spanish Civil War. By Emily Robins Sharpe. Reviewed by Stacey Guill.


Current Bibliography by Kelli Larson and Steve Paul

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