The Hemingway Review Vol.37 No.2 Spring 2018

Table of Contents

• Abbreviations for the Works of Ernest Hemingway

• A Never-Before-Published Essay about Growing Up with Hemingway, Written by His Unrequited High School Crush (author Frances Coates)

• The Real British Red Cross and Hemingway's A Farewell to Arms by David A. Rennie

• At War with Hemingway:  The "Enthrallment" of Combat by Ron McFarland

• Gardens of Eden and Earthly Delights: Hemingway, Bosch, and the Divided Self by Carl P. Eby

• King Solomon, Gertrude Stein, and Hemingway's "Lost Generation" by Donald A. Daiker

• Troubling Space:  Dispersal of Place in Hemingway's The Sun Also Rise sand The Garden of Eden by Elin Käck

• Follow-up "To Pound a Visious Typewriter:  Hemingway's Corona #3" by Diane Gilbert Madsen

• Albert Halper's "A Farewell to the Rising Son":  A Newly Recovered Parody of Hemingway by Michael Patrick Hart

• Hemingway and Salinger by Jeffrey Meyers

• From the Hemingway Letters Project by Krista Quesenberry

• Hemingway's Wars:  Public and Private Battles by Linda Wagner-Martin (review) by Steven Florczyk

• Reading Hemingway's To Have and Have Not:  Glossary and Commentary by Kirk Curnutt (review) by Ashley Olyphant

• Hidden Hemingway:  Inside the Ernest Hemingway Archives of Oak Park by Robert K. Elder, Aaron Vetch, and Mark Cirino (review) by Daniel Anderson

• Writer, Sailor, Soldier, Spy:  Ernest Hemingway's Secret Adventures 1935-1961 by Nicholas Reynolds (review) by Ron McFarland

• Hemingway and Bimini:  The Birth of Sport Fishing at "The End of the World" by Ashley Olyphant (review) by Wayne Catan

• Current Bibliography by Kelli A. Larson

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