The Hemingway Review Vol.31 No.1 Fall 2011

Table of Contents

Ernest Hemingway: In the Ring and Out J. Lawrence Mitchell

“They Have Rewritten It All”: Film Adaptations of A Farewell to Arms by Jamie Barlowe

Race-ing Hemingway: Revisions of Masculinity and/as Whiteness in Ernest Hemingway’s Green Hills of Africa and Under Kilimanjaro by Josep M. Armengol-Carrera

Leopoldina Rodríguez: Hemingway’s Cuban Lover? By Andrew Feldman

The Elephant in the Writing Room: Sympathy and Weakness in Hemingway’s “Masculine Text,” The Garden of Eden by Ryan Hediger

Hemingway Encounters: A Biographer Reminisces by Scott Donaldson

Hemingway’s Commedia Dell’arte Story?: “Out of Season” by Ellen Andrews Knodt

Abbreviations for Hemingway Works Cambridge Edition of The Letters of Ernest Hemingway by Sandra Spanier

Editorial: A Foolish Consistency, Hobgoblins, and the Need for Standard Abbreviations of Hemingway Works by Susan F. Beegel

The Letters of Ernest Hemingway: Volume I, 1907–1922 (review) by Joseph Fruscione

Hemingway’s Second War: Bearing Witness to the Spanish Civil War (review) by Stacey Guill

The Paris Wife (review) by Ron McFarland

Print the Legend (review) by Lisa Tyler

Hemingway und die Deutschen (review) by Lesley C. Pleasant

Ernest Hemingway and the Geography of Memory (review) by Victoria M. Bryan

Current Bibllography by Kelli A. Larson

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