The Hemingway Review Vol.3 No.1 Fall 1983

The Hemingway Review Vol.3 No.1 Fall 1983

Table of Contents

• Crucified in the Ring: Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea by Wolfgang Wittkowski

• The Motive of the Motif: Some Thoughts on Hemingway's Existentialism by Wayne C. Holcombe

• Macomber: An Old Oak Park Name by Michael S. Reynolds

• From Hemingway to Lawrence to Mailer: Survival and Sexual Identity in A Farewell to Arms by Peter Balbert

• "The Happiness of the Garden": Hemingway's Edenic Quest by John Leland

• The Critical Reception of Ernest Hemingway's Selected Letters, 1917-1961 by Delbert E. Wylder

• Don't Nobody Move--This Is a Stichomythia (Or: An Unfinal Word on Typography in Hemingway by Jesse Bier

• Imitation Hemingway Contest: 6 by William White

• Ivancich, Adriana. La Torre Bianca (Review) by Valerie Meyers.

• Svoboda, Fredrick Joseph. Hemingway & “The Sun Also Rises”: The Crafting of a Style (Review) by Earl Rovit

• For the Collector by William White

• Hemingway: A Current Bibliography by William White

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