The Hemingway Review Vol.29 No.2 Spring 2010

The Hemingway Review Vol.29 No.2 Spring 2010
Table of Contents

“Glow-in-the-Dark Authors:” Hemingway's Celebrity and Legacy in Under Kilimanjaro by Suzanne Del Gizzo

Killin’em with Kindness: “The Porter” and Hemingway’s Racial Cauldron by Marc Dudley

Dawn Powell: Hemingway’s “Favorite Living Writer” by Sara Kosiba

“An Apostle for His Work” : The Death of Lieutenant Edward Michael Mckey by Stephen Bates

The Ma (間) of Hemingway: Interval, Absence, and Japanese Esthetics in In Our Time by Christopher Loots

Hemingway's Byron: Romantic Posturing in the Age of Modernism by Richard Hishmeh

The Hemingways at Canterbury by Lou Mandler

An Evening at the Kennedy White House: Fredric March Performs Hemingway’s Islands in the Stream by Marc Cirino

“International Friend”: Ernest Hemingway in the Classified Documents of China’s Kuomintang by Hideo Yanagisawa

All Man!: Hemingway, 1950s Men’s Magazines, and the Masculine Persona (review) by Carl Eby

Hemingway Deadlights (review) by Ron McFarland

Hemingway’s Cuban Son, Reflections on the Writer by His Longtime Majordomo (review) by Martin L. Peterson

Current Bibliography by Mary Beth Beckman, Kelly Kraemer, Rebecca Ney, Zachary Wefel

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