The Hemingway Review Vol.26 No.2 Spring 2007

The Hemingway Review Vol.26 No.2 Spring 2007
Table of Contents

• Hemingway's Camera Eye: The Problem of Language and an Interwar Politics of Form by Zoe Trodd

• The Taxation of Ernest Hemingway by Anthony E. Rebollo

• The World War I Battle of Mons and Hemingway's In Our Time Chapter III by George Cheatham

• Hemingway's Poetry and the Paris Apprenticeship by Verna Kale

• Life Unworthy of Life?: Masculinity, Disability, and Guilt in The Sun Also Rises by Dana Fore

• Raymond Carver's Inheritance from Ernest Hemingway's Literary Technique by Arthur F. Bethea

• Hemingway and the OED by Charles M. Oliver

• Reading For Whom the Bell Tolls with Barthes, Bakhtin, and Shapiro by Jennifer Lester

• Hemingway's Italy: New Perspectives (review) by Lisa Tyler

• Hemingway's Hurricane: The Great Florida Keys Storm of 1935 (review) by Michael Haskins

• Hemingway's Cats: An Illustrated Biography (review) by Sara A. Kosiba

• Current Bibliography by Kelli A. Larson

• The Thirteenth International Hemingway Society Conference Hemingway's Early Years: War + Ink Kansas City, Missouri 9-15 June 2007

• Bulletin Board

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