The Hemingway Review Vol.24 No.2 Spring 2005

The Hemingway Review Vol.24 No.2 Spring 2005
Table of Contents

• Very Short Stories: The Miniaturization of War in Hemingway's In Our Time by Jim Barloon

• Nick Adams at a Windy Crossroads: Echoes of Past and Future Fictions in Ernest Hemingway's "Che Ti Dice La Patria?" by Mark P. Ott

• Performing the Feminine in A Farewell to Arms by Daniel S. Traber

• Death in the Afternoon As Seen by Tomas Orts-Ramos (Uno al Sesgo) by Nancy Bredendick

• Trauma Theory and Hemingway's Lost Paris Manuscripts by Marc Seals

• Vie hors serie, fin dramatique: The Paris Press Coverage of the Death of Ernest Hemingway by John R. Bittner

• "My True Occupation Is That Of A Writer": Hemingway's Passport Correspondence by Daniel Robinson

• A Companion to Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon (review) by Arthur Waldhorn

• Running with the Bulls: My Years with the Hemingways (review) by Maureen Connelly

• Current Bibliography: Annotated by Albert J. DeFazio, Patrick Gregg

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Susan Wrynn

• Bulletin Board

• Hemingway in Andalusia, 2006 International Conference Carl P. Eby, Diane Buck

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