The Hemingway Review Vol.23 No.1 Fall 2003

The Hemingway Review Vol.23 No.1 Fall 2003

Table of Contents

• Dedication: In Memoriam Robin Gajdusek 1925-2003 by H. R. Stoneback

• 907 Whitehead Street by Carol Hemingway

• Waldo Peirce and Ernest Hemingway: Mirror Images by William Gallagher

• Evan Shipman: Friend and Foil by Robert Risch

• It Was All a Pleasant Business: The Historical Context of "On the Quai at Smyrna" by Matthew Stewart

• "Hills Like White Elephants": The Jilting of Jig by Nilofer Hashmi

• Hemingway's Masochism, Sodomy, and the Dominant Woman by Richard Fantina

• Who Commissioned The Little Review's "In Our Time?" by Milton A. Cohen

• Ernest Hemingway: A Literary Reference (review) by Kim Ileen Moreland

• Marketing Modernism Between the Two World Wars (review) by Rebecca Berne

• The Hemingway Book Club of Kosovo (review) by Lisa Tyler

• Hemingway in Cuba (review) by Janice Byrne

• News from the Hemingway Collection by James M. Roth

• Bulletin Board

• Key West Conference by Kirk Curnutt, Gail Sinclair

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