The Hemingway Review Vol.22 No.1 Fall 2002

The Hemingway Review Vol.22 No.1 Fall 2002

Table of Contents

• Acknowledgments

• The Finca Vigía Archives: A Joint Cuban-American Project to Preserve Hemingway's Papers by Jenny Phillips

• Nick at Night: Nocturnal Metafictions in Three Hemingway Short Stories by Margot Sempreora

• War, Gender, and Ernest Hemingway by Alex Vernon

• Letting the Air Into a Relationship: Metaphorical Abortion in 'Hill White Elephants' by David Wyche

• Hemingway Faces God by Morris Buske

• Correspondent or Warrior?: Hemingway's Murky World War II  "Combat" Experience by William E. Coté

• "There Was a Woman Having a Kid"—From Her Point of View: An Unpublished Draft of In Our Time's Chapter II by Milton Cohen

• Tales from "The Big Outside World": Ann Beattie's Hemingway by Robert Beuka

• Hemingway's Death in the Afternoon: The Complete Annotations (review) pp. 121-124            Literary Topics: Ernest Hemingway and the Expatriate Modernist Movement (review) by David M. Earle

• Literary Masters: Ernest Hemingway (review) by Gail D. Sinclair

• Literary Masterpieces: The Sun Also Rises (review) by Ellen Andrews Knodt

• Ernest Hemingway. Der Mensch. Der Schriftsteller (review) by Max Nänny

• Hemingway: The Grace and the Pressure (review) by Mark Ott

• Current Bibliography: Annotated by Albert J. DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by James M. Roth

• Bulletin Board

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