The Hemingway Review Vol.21 No.2 Spring 2002

The Hemingway Review Vol.21 No.2 Spring 2002

Table of Contents

• A Tribute to Gregory Hemingway by Linda Patterson Miller

• Safari Special Section

• Editor's Note by Susan F. Beegel

• An Introduction to Jane Mason's Safari by Alane Salierno Mason

• Safari: A Play in Three Acts by Jane Mason

       • Safari: Act One by Jane Mason

       • Safari: Act Two by Jane Mason

       • Safari: Act Three by Jane Mason

• Jane Mason and Ernest Hemingway: A Biographer Reviews Her Notes by Bernice Kert

• Jane Mason's Safari by Carol Hemingway

• An Agatha Christie Play—Without the Mystery by Lisa Tyler

• "This Fine, Splendid Joke": Jane Mason's Safari by Robert W. Trogdon

• Hemingway's Influence on the Life and Writings of Robert Ruark by John R. Bittner

• Hemingway, Tribal Law, and the Identity of the Widow in True at First Light by Carl Eby

• Student Companion to Ernest Hemingway (review) by Frederic Svoboda

• A Comprehensive Companion to Hemingway's A Moveable Feast: Annotation to Interpretation (review) by Erik Nakjavani

• Current Bibliography: Annotated by Albert J. DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by James M. Roth

• Bulletin Board

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