The Hemingway Review Vol.20 No.1 Fall 2000

The Hemingway Review Vol.20 No.1 Fall 2000
Table of Contents

• Acknowledgments

• Dedication

• "Where Do We Go From Here?": Ernest Hemingway's "Soldier's Home" and American Veterans of World War I by Steven Trout

• Soldiers' Voices in In Our Time: Hemingway's Ventriloquism by Milton A. Cohen

• Shadows of a Literary Dialect: For Whom the Bell Tolls in Five Romance Languages by Milton M. Azevedo

• Cold War Revisions of Hemingway's Men at War by Richard K. Sanderson

• Indians, Woodcraft, and the Construction of White Masculinity: The Boyhood of Nick Adams by Linda Lizut Helstern

• Garnering an Opinion: A Double Look at Nick's Surrogate Mother and Her Relationship to Dr. Adams in Hemingway's "Ten Little Indians" by Margaret A. Tilton

• "Enough of a Bad Gamble": Correcting the Misinformation on Hemingway's Captain James Gamble by Gerry Brenner

• Biblio-Files: Notions from a Decade of Annotation by Albert J. DeFazio III

• Hemingway and the Natural World (review) by Larry E. Grimes

• A Historical Guide to Ernest Hemingway (review) by Abby H. P. Werlock

• Hemingway's France: Images of the Lost Generation, and: Michael Palin's Hemingway Adventure, and: A Hemingway Odyssey: Special Places in His Life (review) by Charlene Murphy

• Current Bibliography: Annotated by Albert J. DeFazio III         

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Stephen Plotkin

• Bulletin Board

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