The Hemingway Review Vol.19 No.2 Spring 2000

The Hemingway Review Vol.19 No.2 Spring 2000

Table of Contents

• John R. Bittner, "Hemingway Biography on the Silver Screen: The Critical Reception of Richard Attenborough's Film, In Love and War"

• Thomas Strychacz, '''Like Plums in a Pudding': Food and Rhetorical Performance in Hemingway's Green Hills of Africa"

• Kim Moreland, "Just the Tip of the Iceberg Theory: Hemingway and Sherwood Anderson's 'Loneliness'"

• Jennifer A. Haytock, "Hemingway's Soldiers and Their Pregnant Women: Domestic Ritual in World War I"

• J. F. Buckley, "Echoes of Closeted Desire(s): The Narrator and the Character Voices of Jake Barnes"

• Daniel Robinson, '''We Didn't Come Here to Talk About Sunsets, Kiddo': 'Pauline Snow' and the Apprenticeship of Ernest Hemingway"

• Hildy Coleman Neel, "The War Monument in 'Cat in the Rain': Then and Now"

• Luca Gandolfi, "The OutskIrts of Literature: Uncovering the Munitions Factory in 'A Natural History of the Dead'"

• Robert Jungman and Carole Tabor, "A Generation of Leaves: Homeric Allusion in Chapter V of Hemingway's In Our Time"

• James Tackach, "Whose Fix Is It, Anyway?: A Closer Look at Hemingway's 'Fifty Grand'"

• Michael Reynolds, Hemingway: The Final Years, (Review) by J. Gerald Kennedy.

• Debra A. Moddlemog, Reading Desire: In Pursuit of Ernest Hemingway, (Rreview) by Gerry Brenner.

• Charles M. Oliver, Hemingway, A-Z: The Essential Reference to the Life and Work, (Review) by Frederic Svoboda.

• Toni D: Knott, editor, One Man Alone: Hemingway and To Have and Have Not, (Review) by John Fenstermaker.

• Frederick Voss, Picturing Hemingway: A Writer in His Time, (Review) by John Raeburn.

• Marcelline Hemingway Sanford, At the Hemingways: A Family Portrait, (Review) by Jack Jobst.

• James Plath and Frank Simon, editors, Remembering Ernest Hemingway, (Review) by M.W. Harper.

• Current Bibliography by Albert J DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Stephen Plotkin

• Bulletin Board

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