The Hemingway Review Vol.19 No.1 Fall 1999

The Hemingway Review Vol.19 No.1 Fall 1999

Table of Contents

• About Patrick Hemingway, Editor of True at First Light

• An Evening with Patrick Hemingway by Michael Seefeldt and Patrick Hemingway

• First Perspectives on True at First Light

•      “Something Lost and Something Gained” by Rose Marie Burwell

•      “Hemingway’s Truth and Tribal Politics” by Carl Eby

•      “Africa Revisited“ by Robert Fleming

•      “One Blind Man Exploring a Pretty Big Elephant” by Robert Gajdusek

•      “A Lie by Noon?” by Suzanne del Gizzo

•      “The Lion, the Leopard, and the Bear” by Hilary K. Justice

•      “Editing True at First Light” by Robert W. Lewis

•      “What’s Funny About True at First Light?” by Linda Miller

•      “Reading Between the Lions” by Debra A Moddelmog

•      “Night Thoughts” by Michael Reynolds

•      “The True at First Light Manuscripts by Stephen Plotkin”

• Christopher Schedler, "The Tribal Legacy of Nick Adams"

• Stephen L. Tanner, "Hemingway's Trout Fishing in Paris: A Metaphor, for the Uses of Writing"

• Miriam B. Mandel, "Configuring There as Here: Hemingway's Travels and the 'See America First' Movement"

• Mark Gaipa and Robert Scholes, "She 'Never Had a Room of Her Own': Hemingway and the New Edition of Kiki's Memoirs"

• Paul W Miller, "Hemingway vs. Stendhal, or Papa's Last Fight with a Dead Writer"

• Olivia Carr Edenfield, "Doomed Biologically: Sex and 'Entrapment in Ernest Hemingway's 'Cross-Country Snow'"

• J. Gerald Kennedy and Jackson R. Bryer, eds. French Connections:  Hemingway and Fitzgerald Abroad, (Review) by Paul Montgomery.

• Thomas Hermann, "Quite a Little About Painters": Art and Artists in Hemingway's Life and Work, (Review) by Frederick Voss

• Current Bibliography by Albert J. DeFazio III

• Bulletin Board

• 2000 International Conference, Bimini, Bahamas, January 3-9, 2000

• Acknowledgements

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