The Hemingway Review Vol.17 No.2 Spring 1998

The Hemingway Review Vol.17 No.2 Spring 1998

Table of Contents

• David J. Ferrero, "Nikki Adams and the Limits of Gender Criticism"

• Jacqueline Vaught Brogan, "Hemingway's In Our Time as a Cubist Anatomy"

• Michael Thurston, "Genre, Gender, and Truth in Death in the Afternoon"

• Nancy Bredendick, "Toros célebres: Its Meaning in Death in the Afternoon"

• Toni D. Knott, "One Man Alone: Dimensions of Individuality and Categorization in Hemingway's To Have and Have Not'

• Eric Waggoner, '''Inside the Current': A Taoist Reading of The Old Man and the Sea"

• Frederic J. Svoboda, "Who Was That Black Man?: A Note on Eugene Bullard and The Sun Also Rises"

• Susan M. Catalano, "Henpecked to Heroism: Placing Rip Van Winkle and Francis Macomber in the American Literary Tradition"

• Sherry Lutz Zivley, "The Conclusions of Azuela's The Underdogs and Hemingway's For Whom the Bell Tolls

• Leonard J. Leff, Hemingway and His Conspirators: Hollywood, Scribners, and the Making of American Celebrity Culture, (Review) by Robert W Trogdon.

• Barbara K. Olson, Authorial Divinity in the Twentieth Century: Omniscient Narration in Woolf Hemingway, and Others, (Review) by Lisa Tyler.

• Matthew J. Bruccoli and Robert W Trogdon, Eds. The Only Thing That Counts: The Ernest Hemingway/Maxwell Perkins Correspondence 1925-1947, (Review) by Albert J. DeFazio.

• Current Bibliography by Albert J DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Stephen Plotkin

• Letters

• Bulletin Board

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