The Hemingway Review Vol.16 No.1 Fall 1996

The Hemingway Review Vol.16 No.1 Fall 1996

Table of Contents

• Dennis Ryan, '''A Divine Gesture': Hemingway's Complex Parody of the Modern"

• Amy Lovell Strong, "Screaming Through Silence: The Violence of Race in 'The Doctor and the Doctor's Wife' and 'Indian Camp'"

• Frederic J. Svoboda, "Landscapes Real and Imagined: 'Big Two-Hearted River'"

• C. Harold Hurley, "Baseball in Hemingway's 'The Three-Day Blow': The Way It Really Was in the Fall of 1916"

• Robert A. Martin, "Robert Jordan and the Spanish Country: Learning to Live in It 'Truly and Well'"

• James Plath, "Santiago at the Plate: Baseball in The Old Man and the Sea"

• William W. Kimbrel, Jr., "Carlos Baker and the 'True Gen'"

• Gerhard Pfeiffer and Martina Kőnig, "'The Bill Always Came': Hemingway's Use of the Epiphany in 'Cross-Country Snow'"

• Tateo Imamura, "'Soldier's Home': Another Story of a Broken Heart"

• Scott Donaldson, Editor, The Cambridge Companion to Hemingway, (Review) by Kim Moreland.

• Frederic J. Svoboda and Joseph J. Waldmeir, Editors, Hemingway: Up In Michigan Perspectives, (Review) by Barbara Lounsberry.

• Tateo Imamura, Hemingway no Umi and Hemingway O Otte, (Review) by.Akiko Manabe.

• Yuri Paporov, Hemingway en Cuba, (Review) by Keneth Kinnamon.

• Genevieve Hily-Mane, Ernest Hemingway in France: 1926-1994: A Comprehensive Bibliography, (Review) by Albert J. DeFazio.

• "Papa" (Douglas Fairbanks Theater, New York), (Review) by Robert J. Kirkpatrick.

• Current Bibliography by Albert J DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Stephen Plotkin

• Letters

• Bulletin Board

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