The Hemingway Review Vol.13 No.2 Spring 1994

The Hemingway Review Vol.13 No.2 Spring 1994

Table of Contents

• Lisa Tyler, "Ernest Hemingway's Date Rape Story: Sexual Trauma in 'Up in Michigan'"

• Stephen Clifford, "Hemingway's Fragmentary Novel: Readers Writing the Hero in In Our Time"

• David Thoreen, "Poor Ernest's Almanac: The Petty Economies of 'Fifty Grand's' Jack Brennan"

• James Plath, "'After the Denim' and 'After the Storm': Raymond Carver Comes to Terms with the Hemingway Influence"

• Jack Jobst and W. J. Williamson, "Hemingway and Maupassant: More Light on 'The Light of the World'"

• John Leonard, "'A Man of the World' and 'A Clean, Well-Lighted Place': Hemingway's Unified View of Old Age"

• Nina M. Ray, "The Endorsement Potential Also Rises: The Merchandising of Ernest Hemingway"

• Beatriz Penas Ibáňez, "A Hemingway-Vallejo Analogue"

• Lu Yutai, "Hemingway: A Star in China"

• Robert E. Fleming, The Face in the Mirror: Hemingway's Writers, (Review) by Robert Gajdusek

• Kenneth Rosen, ed. Hemingway Repossessed, (Review) by Linda Patterson Miller

• Stuart B. McIver, Hemingway's Key West, (Review) by Lawrence Broer

• Cynthia Maziarka and Donald Vogel, -Jr., eds. Hemingway at Oak Park High, (Review) by Peter Hays

• Heberto Padilla, Self-Portrait of the Other: A Memoir, (Review) by Robert W. Lewis

• Current Bibliography by Albert J DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Megan Floyd Desnoyers, Lisa Middents & Stephen Plotkin

• Letters

• Bulletin Board

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