The Hemingway Review Vol.12 No.2 Spring 1993

The Hemingway Review Vol.12 No.2 Spring 1993

Table of Contents

• James Phelan, "What Hemingway and a Rhetorical Theory of Narrative Can Do for Each Other: The Example of "My Old Man

• Peter L. Hays, "Catullus and The Sun Also Rises"

• Jalmie Barlowe-Kayes, "Re-Reading Women: The Example of Catherine Barkley"

• Barbara Lounsberry, "The Holograph Manuscript of Green Hills of Africa"

• Kathy Willingham, "Hemingway’s The Garden of Eden: Writing with the Body"

• Marc Dolan, "The Good Writer’s Tale: The Fictional Method of Hemingway's "Scott Fitzgerald'"

• Richard Allan Davison, "Hemingway's ‘Homage to Switzerland' and F. Scott Fitzgerald"

• Harold Blythe & Charles Sweet, "The Real Philip Percival: The Mordens' View of "Robert Wilson'"

• James Mellow, Hemingway: A Life Without Consequences, (Review) by Paul Smith

• Michael Reynolds, Hemingway: The American Homecoming, (Review) by Gerry Brenner

• Wolfgang Rudat, Alchemy in The Sun Also Rises: Hidden Gold in Hemingway's Narrative, (Review) by William V. Balassi

• Rena Sanderson, ed. Blowing the Bridge: Essays on Hemingway and For Whom the Bell Tolls, (Review)  by Robert E. Fleming

• Wendolyn E. Tetlow, Hemingway's In Our Time: Lyrical Dimensions, (Review) by Elizabeth Dewberry Vaughan

• Current Bibliography by Albert J DeFazio III

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Floyd Desnoyers, Lisa Middents & Stephen Plotkin

• Letters

• Bulletin Board

• Message from the President by Linda Wagner-Martin

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