The Hemingway Review Vol.11 No.3 Summer 1992

The Hemingway Review Vol.11 No.3 Summer 1992

Special European Issue

Table of Contents

• Letter to the Reader by Charles M. Oliver, editor

• Preface by Roger Asselineau, guest editor

• Hemingway's Literary Reputation in England by Marie Axton (Cambridge University)

• Hemingway in Italy by Agostino Lombardo (Rome)

• Hemingway in Norway Since 1964 by Per Winther (University of Oslo)

• The Fading of a Legend: Hemingway's Reception in Germany and Austria by Amo Heller (University of Innsbruck)

• Hemingway in Portugal by Carlos Azevedo (University Oporto)

• The Reception of Hemingway in Spain by Douglas E. LaPrade (University of Barcelona)

• Hemingway in Sweden Since 1965 by Rolf Lunden (Uppsala University)

• Hemingway in Yugoslavia by Zvonimir Radeljković (Sarajevo University)

• Hemingway's Reputation in France Since His Death in 1961 by Roger Asselineau (University of Paris/Sorbonne)

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