The Hemingway Review Vol.11 No.1 Fall 1991

The Hemingway Review Vol.11 No.1 Fall 1991

Table of Contents

• The Chronology of The First Forty-Nine Stories by Paul Smith (Trinity College)

• The Other War in For Whom the Bell Tolls: Maria and Miltonic Gender-Role Battles by Wolfgang E. H. Rudat (University of Houston)

• Tracking the Wounded Buffalo: Authorial Knowledge and the Shooting of Francis Macomber by Kathleen Morgan and Luis A. Losada (CUNY/Lehman College)

• Who Removed Hemingway's Ruptured Spleen? by Peter L. Hays (Univ. of California/Davis) and Douglas B. Lurie, M.D. (Woodland Clinic Medical Group)

• Interview with Dr. John H. Jones by Peter L. Hays (University of California/Davis)

• Additions to Hemingway's Reading by Frederic Svoboda (University of Michigan/Flint)

• Hemingway's View of Emerson: A Note on His Reading by John Martin (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

• "Jig Jig to dirty ears": White Elephants to Let by Howard L. Hannum (La Salle University)

• The "Honorable Pacciardi" Remembered by Elisabetta Zingoni Nuti (Scuola Superiore, Firenze)

• A Note on Henri Rousseau and Hemingway's "The Snows of Kilimanjaro" by Linda Wagner-Martin (University of North Carolina)

• A Further Note on an Unpublished Hemingway Letter by Linda Patterson Miller (Penn State University/Ogontz)

• News from the Hemingway Collection by Megan Floyd Desnoyers and Lisa Middents (JFK Library)

• Frank Scafella, ed. Hemingway: Essays of Reassessment. (Review) by Albert DeFazio III

• Wolfgang E H Rudat. A Rotten Way to be Wounded: The Tragicomedy of The Sun Also Rises (Review) by Albert DeFazio III

• LaPrade, Douglas. La Censura de Hemingway en Espaňa (Review) by Robert W Lewis

• Anderson, Lauri. Hunting Hemingway’s Trout (Review) by Robert W Lewis

• Bloom, Harold, ed. Brett Ashley (Review) by Charles M Oliver

• Current Bibliography, Annotated, compiled by Albert J. DeFazio III (George Mason University)

• News Item: Susan Beegel Named Editor of The Hemingway Review

• Board Appoints Conference Chairs and Nominating Committee

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