The Hemingway Review Vol. 7 No. 2 Spring 1988

        Table of Contents

“Introduction to the Spanish Civil War Issue”

“Hemingway's Spanish Civil War Dispatches” By William Braasch Watson

Dispatch   1 p13                    Dispatch 16 p56
Dispatch   2 p14                    Dispatch 17 p59
Dispatch   3 p16                    Dispatch 18 p63
Dispatch   4 p18                    Dispatch 19 p68
Dispatch   5 p21                    Dispatch 20 p70
Dispatch   6 p23                    Dispatch 21 p73
Dispatch   7 p26                    Dispatch 22 p75
Dispatch   8 p29                    Dispatch 23 p77
Dispatch   9 p33                    Dispatch 24 p80
Dispatch 10 p36                    Dispatch 25 p82
Dispatch 11 p39                    Dispatch 26 p84
Dispatch 12 p43                    Dispatch 27 p85
Dispatch 13 p47                    Dispatch 28 p87
Dispatch 14 p51                    Dispatch 29 p88
Dispatch 15 p54                    Dispatch 30 p90

“A Variorum Edition of Dispatch 19”

“'Humanity Will Not Forgive This!': The Pravda Article”

“In Defense of His Reporting from Spain: A Hemingway Letter to NANA”

“The Publication of Hemingway’s The Spanish Earth: An Untold Story”
          By Richard Allan Davison

“Knowledge as Power: Robert Jordan as an Intellectual Hero”
          By Erik Nakjavani

“Hemingway’s Observations on the Spanish Civil War: Unpublished State Department Reports”
          By Jeffrey Shulman

“’Old Man at the Bridge’: The Making of a Short Story”
          By William Braasch Watson

“News from the Hemingway Collection"
          By Megan Floyd Desnoyers