Hemingway's Presence in Venice & in the World, Now & Then

July 10-15, 2023 

Call for applications: December 1, 2022 – March 15, 2023 via the VIU website

This interdisciplinary Summer School will take its cues from a short selection of accessible texts to explore Ernest Hemingway’s presence and influence in Venice and beyond. As for other places where he lived and worked—Pamplona, Key West, Paris, Havana—Hemingway contributed to the international aura of Venice. Reading his works in the Venetian context will not only give students access to one of the most important Modernist writers, but it will also lead them to an examination of history, geography, cultural critique, language, and culture centered in Venice. With his ubiquitous presence in Venice and in the World, Hemingway offers us a key to many an aspect of modern literature and culture.

Reading Hemingway today in the privileged context where these texts take place or were created will enable students to discover a master of style of the English language and understand why Hemingway may be one of the most influential western authors in modern literature. As an American author in Venice, he sheds light on the complicated relations US culture has entertained with Italian culture and world cultures. His relation to languages is particularly interesting, and many things are gained in translation when we read him in such an interdisciplinary and international context.

Boris Vejdovsky, University of Lausanne, Switzerland (Scientific Coordinator)
John Bolin, University of Exeter, UK
Mark Cirino, University of Evansville, USA
Michèle Longino, Duke University, USA
Luca Pes, Venice International University, Italy

Who is it for?
Graduate students (MA and PhD) from various disciplines: Literary Studies, American Studies, Global Studies, History, Politics, Media and Film Studies, Cultural Studies, Art, Gender Studies, Queer Studies.

For more information and/or to apply, visit Ernest Hemingway's Presence in Venice & in the World, Now & Then